What is The Tear?

It has many names; “The Shape,” “Satan’s Eye,” “Rozdzerac,” “The Cosmic Rend,” “The Infinite Maw”, but to most, it is known only as… “THE TEAR.” It is a vast and powerful cosmic entity that inspires dread, fear, and uncertainty in the hearts and minds of all who see it in the sky. To the naked eye, The Tear is a sickly purple and green slash across the heavens; if scientists have seen more with specialized instruments, they aren’t sharing their discoveries.

The Tear appeared at the edge of our solar system on the day mankind first successfully tested the atomic bomb. Since it’s appearance in 1945, The Tear has drawn closer to Earth. It is now the predominant shape in the sky. More beautiful than the stars and more terrifying than a thousand thunderbolts, the Tear is awe-inspiring and dreadful.

Since its appearance, the natural order of the world has been disrupted. Creatures once thought to be possible only in nightmares have come into existence. Some lurk in the shadows, others venture into the open. Forces once thought to be immutable – forces like gravity and magnetism – now bend to the capricious whim of The Tear. And to some people, The Tear whispers, speaks, and commands.

TEAR LINKS: https://www.thetearsees.com/links/tearquicklinks/

MUSIC BY TAYLOR JORDAN: https://www.taylorjordanmusic.com

WRITTEN BY: Mark Gonzales

CREATED BY: Phil Abatecola – https://www.ecency.com/@theothercola

New Kowloon Concept Art

Piece 1: New Kowloon at Sunset

NFT Showroom Link.

The Los Angeles haze and the Southern California sunset collide above New Kowloon. Soon after the original Kowloon was demolished in 1994, this one materialized wedded to Dodger Stadium. After the quarantine zone was established the settlement grew like wildfire as the poor and politically unstable moved to the near autonomous zone. Like the original Kowloon, ramshackle tower blocks are constructed of both new and found materials. The interior zones are as dingy and cramped as the original’s. Planning is ad hoc and social services are all provided by either Los Angeles’s largess or mutual aid groups. Also like the original Kowloon, LA residents become dependent on the cheap and illegal services the zone provides. Unlike the original, it serves as an entry point for The Tear to terrorize the people of Los Angeles.

Piece 2: New Kowloon – Dodger Stadium’s Inner Rims

New Kowloon – Dodger Stadium’s Inner Rims

NFT Showroom Link.

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator and I’m loving it. Using AI, I can generate art that is specific enough to inspire the imagination and communicate the more difficult concepts of the world at an affordable price.

Creating concept art is typically expensive, running hundreds of dollars a day, even thousands for a single days work with an artist. With AI, I can do it for pennies on the dollar and get stunning results.

Created by Phil Abatecola for The Tear. 

The Tree of Metanoia

A non-terrestrial tree made manifest by The Tear. It is an organism that compels emotional, psychological and / or physical transformations. Created by Phil Abatecola.

The Tear is moving into NFTs! With “The Tree of Metanoia”, I’m working on building out The Tear’s world using Generative Artificial Intelligence and minting the art on NFT Showroom. One of the problems with conceiving of an entirely fictional, cosmic horror universe is that it costs a lot of money to pay for artists to realize it before the long process of filmmaking has begun. Thanks to Generative AI, I can move forward for pennies on the dollar while still creating stunning art.

I will be expanding the universe one piece of art at a time along with stories and descriptions of the art and how it relates to The Tear’s universe from here on out.

I’m working on a full blogpost and video that will explain everything further in a couple of days, but in the meantime, what do you think?

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