Making The Tear’s Nightmare Noise Box

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Let’s start 2022 off with a new video for The Tear! It took a while to complete, but the video is now done, and I can share with you our sound design monster, The Nightmare Box!

As a big fan of the Apprehension Engine for horror film sound design, I wanted create something similar for The Tear to create the alien soundscape of the universe. At less than a 1/10th the cost of the actual Apprehension Engine, our Nightmare Box does a great job creating sounds that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Paired with my Behringer Neutron’s the low drone, the box provides The Tear’s world with an endless canvas of eerie sounds and experimentation, perfect for a world as chaotic and nightmarish as The Tear.

The noise box was hand made by my wife and I. Each step is detailed with text on the screen.


Phil Abatecola –

The Tear’s Crowdfund Sizzle Inches Closer to Completion

A screenshot of Adobe After Effects rendering The Tear.

Some of the final Tear Crowdfund VFX shots are nearing completion.  Here we get to see Earth in relation to The Tear.  Keep in mind the cosmic god is a few billion miles away.  All these effects are home grown.  I’m sticking to these wide shot animations.  Once we get the short film rolling I’ll be working with a skilled animator / VFX artist to complete the more ambitious shots.

Going to record the wild lines and start shooting the remaining b-roll.  If you’re interested in cosmic horror and want to see the short and other stories take shape, consider subscribing or share this post.


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