The Short Film

Our short story focuses on two, humanoid shapeshifters that are creations of The Tear. Our villain, Other-Smith, is out to find June and either get her to come back to him and kill her if she refuses.

After decades as a creature without a fixed, human form, Other-Smith has lost his identity and compassion, while June struggles to hold onto who she was and start a new life, free from Smith and The Tear.



A shapeshifter that came into being at the forming of “The Tear,” June has had many names. She was a blues singer in Chicago, a Grandfather in Vancouver, a boy genius in Seattle. She would change lives and shapes when she felt like it or, as was often the case, whenever she would kill somebody. For a creature that can take the form of almost anybody, theirs is a life without consequence.

Decades of constantly changing her name, form, and gender have caused June to lose track of who she is, what she believes in, and what she wants. Summoning great courage, June has decided to never change form again. She will live as one person for the rest of her life. She will live a life of consequences. 


Some years ago, June discovered that she could turn other humans into shapeshifters like herself. June did this to Smith(?) and together they lived whatever lives they chose. They were tethered to each other and the only living thing that either could understand or relate to. 

Then, without warning or explanation, June left Smith. Smith has spent years searching for June. He has killed countless people and lost all sense of himself. He has also grown to love and worship “The Tear.” Creatures like June and Smith derive their power from “The Tear” and Smith is it’s favorite child. He is stronger, faster, and more powerful than June ever could be. Now, Smith has found June and she will either join him or be killed.


“The Tear” is a short film that will serve as our audience’s access point to our strange world. The short is part of a larger, anthology film that will tell several stories from the universe we have created. It is a dark, moody, and disturbing tale of identity, betrayal, and death.

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