New Kowloon Concept Art

Piece 1: New Kowloon at Sunset

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The Los Angeles haze and the Southern California sunset collide above New Kowloon. Soon after the original Kowloon was demolished in 1994, this one materialized wedded to Dodger Stadium. After the quarantine zone was established the settlement grew like wildfire as the poor and politically unstable moved to the near autonomous zone. Like the original Kowloon, ramshackle tower blocks are constructed of both new and found materials. The interior zones are as dingy and cramped as the original’s. Planning is ad hoc and social services are all provided by either Los Angeles’s largess or mutual aid groups. Also like the original Kowloon, LA residents become dependent on the cheap and illegal services the zone provides. Unlike the original, it serves as an entry point for The Tear to terrorize the people of Los Angeles.

Piece 2: New Kowloon – Dodger Stadium’s Inner Rims

New Kowloon – Dodger Stadium’s Inner Rims

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This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator and I’m loving it. Using AI, I can generate art that is specific enough to inspire the imagination and communicate the more difficult concepts of the world at an affordable price.

Creating concept art is typically expensive, running hundreds of dollars a day, even thousands for a single days work with an artist. With AI, I can do it for pennies on the dollar and get stunning results.

Created by Phil Abatecola for The Tear. 

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