The Tree of Metanoia

A non-terrestrial tree made manifest by The Tear. It is an organism that compels emotional, psychological and / or physical transformations. Created by Phil Abatecola.

The Tear is moving into NFTs! With “The Tree of Metanoia”, I’m working on building out The Tear’s world using Generative Artificial Intelligence and minting the art on NFT Showroom. One of the problems with conceiving of an entirely fictional, cosmic horror universe is that it costs a lot of money to pay for artists to realize it before the long process of filmmaking has begun. Thanks to Generative AI, I can move forward for pennies on the dollar while still creating stunning art.

I will be expanding the universe one piece of art at a time along with stories and descriptions of the art and how it relates to The Tear’s universe from here on out.

I’m working on a full blogpost and video that will explain everything further in a couple of days, but in the meantime, what do you think?

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