What is The Tear?

Los Angeles, present day. A powerful and vast, cosmic entity lords over Earth as a crack in the sky, twisting reality, overturning the natural order and transforming everyday life into a struggle between good and evil, fantasies and nightmares.

The Tear, having appeared the day man first split the atom, has drifted close enough to not only dominate our view life itself. It’s an awe-inspiring sight to see, more beautiful than the stars and brighter than the moon at night, and yet The Tear’s luminous and vast beauty is betrayed by the horrors it inflicts upon the Earth, humanity and its own, twisted creations.

For it sees.

It knows.

It lives.


In short, the Tear is a god that, without rhyme or reason, has decided to make Earth and all its creatures its horrifying focus. It is a vast and ageless being of transformation and chaos.

While the short is concerned with the twisted relationship of two shapeshifters, and is thematically about identity, the Tear is a universe that is much, much broader. The presence of the Tear renders the world into a Twilight Zone like domain that represents the topsy-turvy nature of our times.

In this universe, supernatural terrors are unleashed upon the world to personify the indifference the universe feels towards us and evil that lives beneath what appears to be an orderly existence. In this world, our characters must struggle against not only the forces of darkness, but the darkness within.

Jealousy, depression, loneliness, vengeance, greed and death… our characters will struggle with the dark side of the human condition as revealed through the influence of the Tear, and in doing so, lay bare who they really are.

If things go well for the short, we’d like to explore the universe further. What angle or mediums this exploration might take remains to be seen, but it is a world that we look forward to sharing with you.

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